Friday, October 30, 2009

A Little Halloween Preview

Here they are in all their fanciness!

At our house princess = sparkly. So they are pretty much sparkles from head to toe! Sparkly makeup, sparkly head bands, sparkly dresses, sparkly lip gloss, and sparkly shoes.

Cinderella, just striking a pose.

Sleeping Beauty is all smiles!

Happy Halloween......tomorrow!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventures at the Train Depot...

Here is a little sneak peek for you Molly! We ventured out to the train depot this weekend...along with A LOT of other photographers ;) But this little cutie was such a trooper in the cold and wind. I think it paid off though!

There are so many cute ones, I may have to share a few more when I get them edited!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family of Six

Dana and I met while I was still living in Michigan and she was living in Idaho. We met totally by coincidence, but ended up finding out that we went to the same high school a few years apart and that we both grew up in the same little town. What are the odds?

Well, we happened to both be members of the same online photography forum, and ran into each other there. Now that I have moved to Idaho - we live about 15 minutes apart. So we decided to do a trade off, I take her family pictures and she takes mine. What a great idea! These are a few that I have edited so far:
Aren't her little blonde kiddos so cute? There were so well behaved too, they were all pretty willing to go along with any of our ideas :)

Sorry for making you wait for these Dana! I'm pretty sure there is at least one that will be Christmas card worthy ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brand New...

This little one was just so tiny. You really do forget that they can be that small! Tiny hands, tiny fingers, and a tiny little sweet! We have been trying to arrange a day to get together to get some pictures, but the sunshine just has not been cooperating. Finally we found a day that worked for everyone and the sun was shining :)

Here are a few of my favorites...

Thanks for coming over guys, hopefully I wore her out and she took a good nap for you after you left :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


These are my niece and nephew. When we moved to Boise we ended up being almost neighbors, and my kids have LOVED being so close to these two. just so happens that Jade is turning 1 this weekend!
Yep, she is already a professional walker.
She stood still for me for about a minute while she tried to figure out just what exactly I was doing. Then she was off.
Andy was standing behind me waving a Reese's over my head as a bribe so that we could keep his attention. Worked like a charm!
We got one! Trying to get these two together and both looking at the camera was tricky, there are some pretty hilarious out takes;)

A Little Overdue...

I haven't taken any pictures of my kids recently. I think we owe the grandparents some new photos, so we went to the park the other day and I brought my camera along. Surprisingly they were actually really into having their pictures taken! Even Shay...and that NEVER happens.

I LOVE this one!