Sunday, February 21, 2010


In honor of Shay's birthday today we put curlers in the girls hair last night. They kept them in all night, and it turned out so cute! Of course, we documented the occasion with a few pictures ;)

The birthday girl...finally 3 years old!
The big sister...
These 2 lately have been such good little friends, it is the sweetest thing to see :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Sweet...

Last week I got an e-mail asking about taking some newborn pictures from someone that I don't know! She said she had seen my blog - I really didn't know anyone other than family and friends looked at my blog ;) I have really only taken pictures for family and friends, and friends of family and friends so far...I guess I am branching out. Exciting!!

Anyway, on to more important matters:

Meet Cole...

He was born on Christmas Day - what a great Christmas present :)
He's 5 weeks old and was as sweet as can be. All it took was a bottle and a diaper change

(or two - haha)

and he went right to sleep.
I discovered that I didn't have too many little boy props for pictures.
I need to start adding some blue and green things to my collection!

This next one is one of my very favorites!
So sweet and peaceful...
Have a fun time on your trip! Hope you enjoyed you sneak peek :)