Saturday, July 17, 2010


Lately life here has been hectic:

we've recently moved, just down the hill - but still a lot of work
still trying to finish up law school
I've been working nearly full time hours
I am pregnant and getting bigger and bigger every day
(we're having a BOY! we're thrilled!)
our house in Michigan flooded...
we are trying to sell our house in Michigan
and as always we're enjoying life with our 2 energy filled little women!

Those are just the major things that come to mind right at this moment:)

I'm really not trying to complain, or have you all feeling bad for me, I'm sure that all of your lives are probably just as hectic in their own little ways. But because of all that we have going on right now I am going to put my photography on the back burner for a while. I probably will not be doing any sessions this summer other than for family and close friends. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

I do have a new little nephew scheduled to make his debut here on Monday so you should check back for pictures of the new little guy sometime here in the next few weeks I hope!


Katie said...

Wow- that is a lot to deal with! Hope you are feeling okay- so excited to see pics of baby boy woolf! miss you guys!

Jesse and Mindi said...

I had no idea your house in Michigan flooded. Ugh, I'm so sorry!! Things will get better!! I'll miss your cute photos, but I'll keep checking back for any updates:-)!! I need to take photo lessons from ya!!